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Vampires in Chinese Mythology

Characteristics and Details about Chinese Vampires

The Chinese vampire differs greatly from its western cousins. In Chinese mythology, all empires originated from one of the 12 gods, which came from 12 drops of blood from PANGU, the great god who created sky and earth. Chinese vampire, according their different growing stage, can be divided into six levels.

Chinese Vampire Level 1

When corpse entered suitable vampire-breeding location for 1 month. It began growing white hair and also be called white vampire. At this stage, vampire can not move quickly, can easily be killed. Level 1 vampires dread sunshine, fire, water, rooster, dog and let alone human beings.
Personally, I think level 1 vampire can serve as a meek pet.

Chinese Vampire Level 2

If a level 1 vampire have plenty of blood of ox or sheep, years later, white hair peels off and a layer of black hair will emerge. Level 2 vampire is still afraid of sunlight and fire. But a vampire at this period can boldly confront rooster and dog. Level 2 vampire will avoid human beings, and only drink people’s blood once victim fall asleep.

Chinese Vampire Level 3

After a half decade of blood drinking and white hair falling off, a vampire can change from an award movement to a dangerously swift bouncing pattern and no longer dreads any domestic animals, with only cats being an exception that can still warn humans of the presence of a Level 3 vampire by growling at it. It appears cats can provide limited help fighting against Level 3 creature.

Chinese Vampire Level 4

Through hundreds of years of growth, a vampire enters its Level 4, at this level a vampire has the the ability to fly, a dangerous skill that means the creature can jump onto a roof effortlessly and drink a man’s blood unnoticed.

Chinese Vampire Level 5

A level 5 is almost demigod, and he can transform into forms of any creature to confuse human beings, fly up into heaven to slaughter dragon and even gang up with plague GOD to bring disease to human.

Chinese Vampire Level 6

At this phase, vampire is more of a god than a demon, for level 6 vampire have the guts and terrifying ability to challenge any God in heaven.

A legend goes that once there appeared an only Level 6 vampire in China, and fortunately, it soon be subdued by Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva and served as his saddle horse for ever.

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