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The Sad Children Of The Foothills

the sad children of the foothillsBack in 1998, I was contacted by a friend who wanted to ask me for a favor because he knew I was a quite good psychic medium. The favor was that he wanted me to work with the local police because they were investigating the murders behind the discovery of skeletonised remains of children throughout the foothills near my home. I came to call them, “the Sad children of the Foothills”.
I hesitated because I’m knew that I would become VERY emotionally upset and frankly, I didn’t want to deal with the police…..at least not directly.
I hate to say this but police are notorious skeptics and I didn’t feel like having to deal with the suffering of innocent children, while at the same time, having to struggle with jaded law enforcement while trying to help them.

I thought about it for a couple of days and agreed to help with one BIG CAVEAT…I would NOT work directly with the cops but through an intermediary. Thank God I decided to do it that way. It turned out to be a miserable and painful thing. Among the things that I told the liason, this would be hard to solve completely because there were MANY twisted adults and among the adults involved were law enforcement officials.

He scoffed at me and actually told me that that was impossible because law enforcement would be protective of the vulnerable, (yeah, I know, this person was a friend of Tinkerbelle, the Tooth fairy and believed the OJ couldn’t have murdered his wife because, you know, he made a commercial for Hertz-that last one is 1000% true; this nut told me that…).

After 3 months of consultation with the police, I withdrew. I couldn’t take it anymore because I was getting calls in the wee hours of the night and I couldn’t take constantly reliving the torture those sweet babies had gone through. Later on that summer, there was a HUGE local news story about one of the assistant D.A.’s who computer was taken in for repairs. Turns out, he was arrested when the computer tech reported finding HUNDREDS images of EXTREMELY graphic, VIOLENT child porn on his computer.

The person that I had been giving information to give to the police called me and was amazed and shocked that a someone in the district attorney’s office had been caught with in a child porn situation. I had told him about high ranking law enforcement being involved 3 months earlier.

However, I paid a HIGH PRICE on a personal level from working with this tragic case….On August 7th 1998, I bled out from an ulcer I didn’t know I had, which lead to 3 Near Death Experiences. I will always believe that it was the trauma from seeing what happened to these sweet babies, the sad children of the foothills,  feeling their fear ….it was too much. I don’t know that I would ever deal with a case like that ever again.

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