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How To Awaken Your Intuition

We live at a time when the capacity to hear God’s voice speaking to our hearts and minds has become stronger.  As a result, even for those who have wandered far away from a spiritual path, the way back is more possible than ever before.  All that’s necessary is a wish to return and the allotment of time and attention paid to that tiny, quiet voice deep inside of we have so easily ignored before. It’s what we call “intuition” and it takes place in the silent presence of inspiration that comes from somewhere else that often requires asking for it and waiting for the response. Though some intuitive perceptions are primarily focused on our everyday, mundane life, for example, knowing someone well so that we just know how they’ll  react to something or what they might do, the kind of intuition that may be called “higher intuition” comes from a different place; It’s the soft voice of understanding that whispers to  the soul where Divine truth, light, and wisdom can be heard.  In fact,  there’s no real difference between these two levels and thankfully, we as humanity are finally starting to understand this.  Yet,  there are still so many who are unable  or unwilling to hear words that are whispered their souls.  Unfortunately, they don’t understand that the mind and heart have to be willing to trust in your own God given “intuition“.

Intuition does not need to be nor CAN it be taught.  It needs to be allowed to exist because it’s inside each and every one of us in a dormant state just waiting for us to allow it to blossom just like a flower turning to the sun. Funnily enough, it starts as a small willingness ‘to know’ more truth, light, and wisdom as it applies to our own lives and to those we love. We can begin by regularly praying  to have things removed that block our  understanding and diminish our perception of what our intuition is trying to tell us. The genuine desire to make contact with intuition begins to open the those doors , especially when strong desire is added to a willingness to receive and pay attention to what is heard and/or sensed. There are people who sense things but refuse to trust what their inner senses are screaming at  them. They ignore and reject what they feel or believe because it doesn’t fit into what they have convinced themselves to be “real”. However, making this choice begins to close the doors to higher perception because it gives more power to “fear” – whether, the fear of being wrong,  the fear of being different or the fear of needing to change one’s life based on what is heard and one will NEVER become tuned into true intuition  if one continues to run away from what is a natural part and NORMAL part of beIng human. So, in order to open the doors to stronger and trustworthy intuition, we need to be willing not just to hear our internal voice but more importantly, be willing to trust it.

Now, trust is not a simple thing because it involves a reevaluation of our lives. It may be that life has forced us to become more practical, more focused on the daily tasks of living and providing for others; and it may be that we have made mistakes in the past concerning who or what to trust, as well. It also may be that we’ve lost the capacity to feel more, to sense more or to be more open to life on all levels. Trust involves not only a willingness to receive something  but it also involves a willingness to believe in our own ability to flow with life, to change what needs to be changed whether internally or externally.  Lots of people are aware of this but they’re afraid to let themselves recognize this because of where it might take them. We need to be able let go of fear because, trust me, it will block any further attempt to become more  intuitive and greater perception.

Nowadays, when there are so many serious issues facing mankind, it is especially important that we reclaim our gift of intuition because making the wrong decisions can lead to disastrous consequences not just to human beings, not just every living thing but the planet . To do otherwise,  potentially places us in such a precarious position of not knowing what or who to believe – not knowing which direction to go in, in terms of making the world a better place and relieving the immense suffering of so many that currently exists. Without access to the deeper intuitive sense that we all have,  we live at the mercy of public opinion rather than in the presence of truth.

Because we ALL belong to the human family, it is essential for us to open our hearts, minds and souls to what we’re are supposed to be. Whether we are living in the proverbial, “Last Days” or not, one thing is for sure: the veils between dimensions are starting to thin.  We need to  allow our inner senses to awaken and to become the light-filled beings that we have always been meant to be. The time we are living in is begging us to listen;  for each of us, to open our hearts, to allow the intuition that is a part of our nature blossom, to all us to come together to begin to solve the problems and challenges that become more pressing everyday. We can begin with a prayer to open our hearts and souls to God, following it with a period of silence, wait to be given the answer.  We can then make ourselves ready to become vessels of truth and light, fully intuitive beings, as we were meant to be. The recognition of intuition’s gifts may not happen immediately but it will happen because as a citizen of planet Earth, all of life celebrates when we return to the path of recognising the Divine spark, “INTUITION“,  that God put into every living thing, ignites and teaches us to walk the path that  we were always meant to travel.


There exist a number of “accursed sites” on the surface of our planet. Some
of these locations are the sites of gravitational or atmospheric disturbances
that still remain unexplained by twentieth century science. Such anomalous areas
possess properties which interfere sporadically with humans and their equipment.
One area worthy of mention surrounds the Mediterranean island of Elba (famous for
being Napoleon’s first place of exile), and is the bane of maritime aviation in
the Mediterranean; another spot is Mt. Stredohori in Czechoslovakia, where an
unknown force drains car engines of power throughout the length of a 75-foot
stretch of road.

However, we need not travel so far to encounter a part of the world that
is even more perplexing than these others, although it remains little known to
most people: Mexico’s mysterious, magical zona del silencio–the Zone of Silence,
just four hundred miles away from El Paso, Texas. Deserts are often considered
to be mysterious enough without the added weirdness that this patch of earth some
four hundred miles from El Paso has to offer. It is a place which gobbles up
radio and TV signals, and which has of late been associated with the UFO

Centuries of Mystery

According to Dr. Santiago Garcia, there has been an awareness of the
unusual properties of the area since the mid-nineteenth century, when farmers
trying to eke out a living in the forbidding environment became aware of the “hot
pebbles” which routinely fell to earth from the clear sky. In the 1930s,
Francisco Sarabia, an aviator from the northern Mexican state of Coahuila,
reported that his radio had mysteriously ceased to function, earning him the
distinction of being the Zone of Silence’s first victim.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t until 1970 that the zone first entered public
awareness when an American missile, an Athena, fired from the White Sands Missile
Base, went off course inexplicably, heading for the Zone of Silence, where it
ultimately crashed. A few years later, an upper stage from one of the Saturn
boosters used on the Apollo project broke up over the very same area. The U.S,
military sent a team down to the region to investigate its surprising natural

Engineer Harry de la Pena was the first outsider to discover the zone and
its perplexing radio interference properties. Humans have been resided in and
around the scrub and cactus filled desert area since Prehistoric times, when an
unknown tribe of natives clustered around a watering hole which is still in
existence. The community of Ceballos, Durango, some 25 miles away, is the
settlement nearest to the zone, and it is the starting point of any venture into
its unreal atmosphere. The visitor will find vast expanses of flat terrain,
pinpointed with thorny desert bushes and infested with poisonous snakes. No
different from any other desert in that respect.

Pena and his group became aware of the “silence” when they found that it
was impossible to communicate with one another via walkie-talkies: radio waves
are not transmitted at the accustomed speed and frequency. Portable radios would
emit but the lightest whisper when turned on at full volume. To this day,
television signals cannot be received in Ceballos or in the neighboring ranches.
Some magnetic force, with the power to dampen radio waves, seems to exist in the

Since the engineer’s initial visit, scientists from around the world have
visited the zone, flocking to the research facility erected at its very heart by
the Mexican government. The zone’s somewhat foreboding name has been changed to
Mar de Tetys–The Sea of Thetys, due to the fact that it was once under water
millions of years ago–and the research lab has been dubbed the “biosphere”.

Curiously enough, the zone lies just north of the Tropic of Cancer and
south of the 30th parallel, which places it in the company of a number of other
planetary anomalies such as the Bermuda Triangle. UFOs and the presence of
nonhuman life have been recorded in this anomalous region. Until a few years ago,
there were people still alive who could remember having had encounters with
allegedly extraterrestrial creatures in the early decades of this century.

Close Encounters

On October 13, 1975, Ernesto and Josefina Diaz, an enterprising couple,
drove into the zone in a brand new Ford pickup to collect unusual rocks and
fossils which can be found in great abundance. As they busied themselves in their
activity, they noticed that a desert rainstorm was heading toward them. Hoping
to avoid being caught in a flash flood, they wisely packed their vehicle up and
sped off, but not fast enough to avoid the relentless rain: the track ahead of
them turned into a swamp: the pickup was quickly trapped and began to sink in the
soft terrain.

While the couple struggled to keep their vehicle from submerging into the
mud, two figures approached them, waving at them amid the torrential rain. Two
extremely tall men in yellow raincoats and caps, with unusual but by no means
alarming features, offered their assistance to help them get underway again. The
men instructed the totally drenched couple to get inside the pickup again while
they pushed. Before the couple realized, their vehicle had popped out of the hole
and on to firmer ground.

When the husband got out of the pickup once more to thank the two men, he
realized they were gone. There were no footprints in evidence or any surface
feature that could have concealed their departure.

Travelers crossing the zone regularly report seeing strange lights or
fireballs maneuvering at night, changing colors, hanging motionless and then
taking off at great speed. Two ranchers heading back from a festivity witnessed
how a coruscant light floated down from the dark sky and disgorged humanoid
occupants, who glowed with the same eerie light and were walking toward them. The
ranchers broke into a frantic run.

Physical traces of these nocturnal visits can be found. One witness
returned one morning to the site where he had seen the mysterious lights
cavorting the previous night, and found that the scrub vegetation “had been set
on fire”. Dozens of similar reports emerge from the zone, told by reliable

Dr. Santiago Garcia, who has devoted much of his life to the investigation
of this anomalous region, has speculated that some of lights seen by the
residents could well be from a roving vehicle left behind by the U.S. military,
recharging its solar cells by day and conducting furtive analytical missions
under cover of darkness. Garcia points out that when the Air Force came to
collect the Athena missile’s wreckage, they took along several truckloads of
desert sand for analysis. There is the widespread belief that huge deposits of
magnetite exist in the area, and that this iron ore is responsible for the
dampening of electromagnetic waves. It has also been proven that considerable
deposits of uranium exist in the mountains ranges fencing the Zone of Silence.
In 1976, a visitor to the region took the first photograph ever of a UFO
landed near a topographic feature known as “Magnet Hill” by the locals. The
photos clearly show a shiny silver object resembling a large stewing pot. The
lucky shutterbug was able to take more shots of the UFO as it rose upward with
a roar, disappearing toward the west.

Yet not all of the “extraterrestrial” visitors have been as elusive. The
staff of a small local ranch was visited regularly by three tall, blond, long-
haired visitors–two males and one female–who were described as being polite to
a fault, extremely handsome and dressed “in a funny way”. Their Spanish was
flawless and had a musical ring to it.

The reason for these visits was to secure water from the ranch’s well: the
“funny” visitors would ask their hosts to please fill their canteens with water,
never requesting food or anything else. When asked where they came from, the
visitors would limit themselves to smiling and saying “from above.” Could these
visitors be the “nordic” types referred to by ufologists? Spanish researcher
Antonio Ribera described similar “Blonds” operating in the vicinity of Rosellon,
in the Pyrenees, where they would only trouble their human hosts for bread and
milk, paying for them with gold nuggets. Almost white-haired “nordics” were
reported along the Sierra Nevada, in California, were they would come down to
barter with townspeople every so often. There exists a connection of sorts
between certain enigmatic deserts and these angel-like creatures.

No experience in the Zone of Silence is easily forgotten, and journalist
Luis Ramirez Reyes will almost certainly never forget his own. During the month
of November of 1978, Ramirez visited the Zone as part of a news team assigned to
cover a story on the bizarre site.

Choosing to go ahead of the main team, Ramirez and his photographer charged
into the desert, navigating by intuition rather than by hard knowledge of where
their final destination was located: the “biosphere” constructed by the Mexican
government, a laboratory dedicated to investigating the unusual biological life
forms found in the area and to conducting psychic research.

No closer to their target than when their reckless impulse drove them into
the wasteland, Ramirez became painfully aware that he lacked water or the
provisions necessary to survive in this hostile environment should they become
hopelessly lost. Having reached a “Y” intersection in the unpaved desert road,
they had chosen the wrong one.

Suddenly, he noticed that there were three figures walking up ahead, coming
toward them. Hoping that these locals might be able to point them toward the
biosphere, the journalist told his companion, who was doing the driving, to slow
down to talk to them. He was startled when the driver passed them by, as if not
having seen them.

Ramirez began wondering if the desert hadn’t gotten to him already. Thetrio
were ordinary people, clad in the outfits usually worn by the inhabitants
of that part of the country. As they drove along, he experienced the shock of
running into them again–in a different part of the desert! Sternly ordering the
photographer (who couldn’t see anyone at all) to stop the car , Ram°rez got his
chance to speak to the three locals. He asked them if they had seen another
vehicle like theirs in the area. They said that they hadn’t, but that if they
drove cross country amid the rocky desert terrain of the “Sea of Thetys” they
would reach the biosphere. The three locals claimed to be out looking for some
stray animals of theirs, but they had no water bottles or other gear that would
indicate that they were able to survive in the menacing terrain.

After completing the cross-country trek, both men were relieved to find the
structure of the biosphere rising in the distance. Upon arriving, and meeting up
with their team, they discussed their unusual encounter in the desert with Harry
de la Pena. In a sobering tone, Pena told them that there were no people in the
desert who weren’t part of the biosphere team and certainly no flocks for
peasants to look for. An aerial survey in later days convinced the investigator
of the utter desolation of the region that stretched for hundreds of miles.
But if they weren’t people, what were they?

“Nordic” visitors and other humanoids are not the only kind reported in the
region. There have been sightings of oddly clad beings only a few feet in height
as well. Ruben Lopez, driving through the zone one night in a van on his way to
visit to a relative in Ceballos, noticed that his vehicle’s engine began to
sputter. This troubled him no end, as he had recently serviced the van. Abruptly,
he became aware of five small figures that were standing along the roadside some
hundred feet ahead. Lopez believed at first that they were lost children, until
he noticed that they wore unusual silver one-piece outfits.

The little beings’ heads were covered by helmets resembling those used by
football players. Through the helmets’ open front, Lopez could tell that they had
adult faces. They approached the stalled van with curiosity, filling the driver
with genuine fear: Lopez raced the van’s engine in neutral, which caused the
dwarfs to scatter into the desert darkness. The van continued functioning
normally after the creatures had vanished.

The Archeological Enigma

The extremely ancient ruins in the Zone of Silence pose another disquieting
enigma of their own. Archaeologists have been unable to determine their age, but
they undoubtedly form an astronomical observatory thousands of years old.
There is no connection between this Mexican Stonehenge and the primitive
tribes that clustered around the watering hole which constitutes an oasis in the
arid region. At some point in antiquity, someone was quite active in the Zone.

Perhaps they were interested, as are modern astronomers and geologists, in the
large number of small meteorites that are attracted to the Zone’s magnetic

A meteorite that crashed in Chihuahua in the late 1950s contained
crystalline structures that far outdated the Solar System itself. Researcher Luis
Maeda Villalobos concluded that the meteorite contains “material as old as the
Universe”: Our solar system is some 6 billion years old, while the meteorite’s
age has been estimated at 13 billion years.

Whether we are dealing with UFOs, dimensional visitors who find the
magnetic aberrations facilitate their journeys, or merely a poorly understood
part of our world with unsuspected properties, no easy answers apply to the
riddle posed by the Zone of Silence. The builders of the mysterious ruined
observatory would have probably agreed.

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13 OF THE MOST HAUNTED PLACES IN CHINA-From Haunted Houses to Ghost-Filled Hotels

Are you a Skeptic or do you believe that ghosts really exist? As a country with a rich past,5000 years of tumultuous history, China has thousands of haunted places that are thought to be haunted by the disembodied spectres who met their ends in some of the most horrifying, violent & terrible ways any human being can inflict on another person. While some of the stories are groundless and have no actual proof, the sheer bone-chilling factor attached is enough to make the place attractive in a mysterious sense. One thing that can be said for sure is that next time you walk past Prince Gong’s Mansion and get shivers down your spine, you are not alone.  The New York Times recently reported the story, discussing how the place has become a popular tourist destination. In fact, there are a number of interesting haunted Chinese destinations, anything from haunted hotels to haunted opera houses to haunted highways where the ghosts stand in the middle of the road and sometimes even climb inside your car… “In many ways, the road is like a zombie virus, killing and adding to its undead ranks and killing more through ghosts appearing out of nowhere in front of drivers.” We will look into 13 of the most haunted places hauntings in China…


1)YUN SHAN DIAN HOTEL: Located in Chengde, a small city in the mountains northeast of Beijing, this hotel is haunted by a man wearing western-style clothing, accompanied by a woman in ancient Chinese dress. The couple haunts the area at the end of the hallway on the 8th floor.

yun shan dian

2)THE FORBIDDEN CITY: In the Imperial palace that was the center of power in China for over 600 years, Spectres of Imperial concubines & ghostly eunuchs roam the through it’s many rooms and halls, just like they did in life. It was the Imperial Palace for over 600 years, stretching from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It was home to the country’s most powerful imperial families and their retinue of slaves and concubines. Not surprisingly, there was betrayal and palace intrigue everywhere. Servants and officials literally stabbed each other in the back in attempt to eliminate political opponents in the ranks. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that the Forbidden City is lousy with miserably earthbound spirits. Ghostly music has been heard playing at night and groups of ghostly women in waiting and eunuchs have been seen walking through the corridors by only to disappear around the corner.  One spine chilling tale was of a guard, a soldier named Fat Fu who served as a Forbidden City guard in the mid-1990s being bothered by a strange woman with long hair and a black gown. Finally, he, along wth another guard started chasing her, yelling at her, but she ran away.  Assuming that she was a thief, they chased the woman for some distance, cornering her in a room and locking a door behind them. They then ordered her to turn around. When she did the men screamed in horror because she had NO FACE!!—she was a ghost.

For six centuries, the Forbidden City served as the Chinese imperial palace. Which means it was home for the royal family, along with all their advisors, attendants and concubines. Throughout the centuries numerous murders of power and passion have occurred within  the palace’s walls. Visitors often see ghosts of eunuchs and brides-in-waiting walking the halls.


3) THE BURMA INN: Many years ago, a guest staying at this Beijing hotel died after being poisoned by the head chef. Guilt stricken, the chef committed suicide by stabbing himself to death…what a way to go. The vengeful murder victim’s spirit haunts the hotel in a perpetual search for the murderous chef.the burma inn

4)  HUGUAN OPERA HOUSE: The place was originally built in 1807 to serve as a home for the poor but incredibly, it built over an ancient graveyard! Now, though it serves as an opera house and museum, it’s, not surprisingly, is VERY haunted. Guests commonly hear sounds of human shouting but see no one.


5) THE GREAT WALL: The most enigmatic symbol of China, The Great Wall that spans more than 5000 miles was built in sections, beginning around 7th century BC. The wall stretches for more than 5,000 miles and was built to protect the Chinese Empire from invasion by hostile nomadic groups. Some sections were constructed as early as the 7th century BC. Approximately 1 MILLION, (with an “m”), soldiers are estimated to have died constructing the wall and countless people  have reported witnessing spirits walking the wall or hearing marching footsteps made by invisible people. Many of these ghost stories center on “The Wild Wall”, the segment just north of Beijing. Several hikers have died along this portion of the wall recently. “Those deaths were chalked up to fatal falls and lightning strikes, but not everyone believes the reports,” states the website of the American TV show, Destination Truth, which traveled to China to sleuth out the mystery. The show reported that at the spot where the deaths occurred, villagers regularly have encounters with long-dead soldiers. The show’s host, Josh, saw “cat-like movement in the distance”,
along with a crashing noise, the smell of fire and a strange animal calling. Josh stopped in his tracks, reads the show’s website, “feeling  someone — or something— is messing around with video equipment in his backpack. Nobody is near him.”

the great wall

6) DEAD FENGMAN VILLAGE: Located in the valley of a nameless mountain in Henan Province in northern China, this village is in a region of hills and forests. Hikers are drawn like flies to this area, which still preserves “mysterious and ornate traditions”, according to a post on Cultural-china.com. The  website goes on to describe a story of a hiker named Maitreya, who camped along the river outside the village with friends. Determined to scare his  companions, Maitreya snuck up to a ridge above them and called them by name in the dark. He blood ran cold  when he heard a weird voice calling him by name.  The only people other than him who would know his name were with his friends, who were below the ridge he was on.

dead fengmen village

8) TUEN MUN ROAD: This isn’t just a haunted home or building but an entire bloody haunted highway! The road is the main drag between 2 villages in greater Hong Kong,Tuen Mun and Tsuen Wan. The area has been known to be haunted for hundreds of years. But strangely, the hauntings seem to be on the upswing. In a 2012 article in The South China Morning Post reported that the year 2010 to 2012 there were over 250 accidents on the Tuen Mun. The paper went on to add that the accidents are said to be the result of drivers trying to avoid hitting ghosts that suddenly appear in the middle of the road. More horrifying, some the of drivers have even reported that spirits took control of their vehicles. “It is also said that the number of ghosts on the road is increasing as many previous crash victims remain on the road to haunt it,” the website, Dangerousroads.org, reports. “In many ways, the road is like a zombie virus, killing and adding to its undead ranks and killing more through ghosts appearing out of nowhere in front of drivers.”

tuen mun road

9) CHAONEI CHURCH, CHAOYANG DISTRICT: It’s unclear if Chaonei Church is actually haunted or just victim of it’s rundown and abandoned state, is not certain. Constructed in the early 20th century by the Catholic Church, it served as residence for British missionaries living in Beijing. The rumours started when the priest who  built the building suddenly vanished. In one story, the Church sent a team of investigators down to find out what happened the priest. When they searched the building, they found a tunnel in the crypt that led to Jiuxianqiao Lu in Dashanzi, Beijing.  While it appears the priest was never found, people took that as a cue to start conspiracy involving ghosts. Yet another story is that of a government official residing in the church shortly before the fall of the Qing Dynasty. His wife had took her own life in the house  and it was ostensibly her sobbing that has been heard through the corridors on some nights.  Some people have said they’ve seen an apparition of a woman running through the corridors. In this case, some of these same people have used this place to do drugs and could be hallucinating….or not; who knows?

chaomei church

10) SAI YING PUN COMMUNITY COMPLEX: Now,this Hong Kong building looks like the stereotypical haunted house:
1) Weird, eerie yellow lights…CHECK!
2) CREEPY, empty verandas that scare the hell out of people…CHECK!
3) Massive stone arches that cast even creepier, long, inky black shadows…DOUBLE CHECK!!
Yet another home that was built in 1892 as a home for European nurses. According to local legend, it was seized by the Japanese military during WWII and used as an execution hall. It was converted into a mental asylum,following the war but was soon abandoned in 1961. In the intevening years, there has been a series of mysterious fires. “Through the years, there have been repeated sightings of a demonic figure in traditional Chinese cattire bursting into flames on the second floor of the place,” reads the website Cultural-china.com. “Headless poltergeists have also reportedly been seen running down the corridors in the dead of night.”

sai ying ping community complex

10) HIGH STREET GHOST HOUSE IN HONG KONG: This is yet another building that was built to serve as 1892 as living quarters for the European nursing staff until the dawn of WWII.  It was converted to a mental hospital after the war, being the only mental hospital of it’s king until Castle Peak opened in 1961.It was closed and abandoned in 1970 and it  was then that stories of hauntings began. Since then, thrillseekers & addicts began to tell about the supernatural experiences the had while exploring or spending the nights there. In one tale, a girl that was allegedly raped by a Japanese soldier during the Occupation and murdered. People have reported hearing her cries and footsteps when they  spend the night.


11) QIU MANSION, SHANGHAI: At the turn of the century, the Qiu brothers moved to Shanghai in a bid to strike it rich.  As fate would have it, they stumbled upon a warehouse abandoned by a German during WWI that was filled with buckets of paint. As the price of paint skyrocketed, the brothers became rich. Their lavish lifestyle became the stuff of legend and contention in a poverty stricken city. While the people starved, the brothers lived like a king by buying and keeping tigers, peacocks and crocodiles in their estate  grounds around an expensive man-made lake. Then the brothers mysteriously vanished. The starving and angry neighbours robbed the homes for wealth as well as eating their livestock.
In the intervening years, strange stories were heard from the people that worked in and around the mansion. A stonemason had attacked his manager, swearing that ‘lizards’ told him to do it. A woman swore she saw a {DRAGON!} crawling along a construction crane & weird animal sounds can sometimes be heard. Now the entire housed is being moved to make space for something else. We’ll know soon enough if the hauntings follow it.

qiu mansion

12) CHANOEI # 81, BEIJING: The beautiful three-story French Baroque-style house at Chaonei No. 81 is a well-known anomaly of Beijing. Small courtyard properties in this area of China’s capital city sell for millions; yet this once lavish mansion is in a state of rot & decay. Why won’t people buy it or even go near it? SIMPLE; the fear of ghosts and death. This amazing mansion was built by the Qing royal family as a church for British residents of Beijing. In 1949, after the Communists had just defeated the Nationalists and were making their way into the city, the high-ranking Kuomintang official living in the house at the time abandoned his wife, leaving her to face the Communists all by her safe. Devastated, she
allegedly she killed herself by hanging from the rafters of their beautiful home. Neighbors believe her troubled spirit has been haunting the place ever since and few dare will set foot  inside alone or with others, especially at night. The once luxurious mansion deteriorated to a now dilapidated shadow of its former glory, covered with graffiti warninngs to stay away and full of empty booze bottles and cigarette butts. In spite of its location in the center of Beijing, where prices for the smallest properties are often millions of dollars, there are currently no plans to do anything with this home. Stories of hauntings keep potential tenants away. It’s now on a historic preservation list so it can’t be demolished, just renovated. So, now it’s just a waiting game for it to completely crumble on it’s own.
“Even in the 1970s, people thought the house was haunted,” a Beijing resident who grew up behind the mansion at Chaonei No. 81 told the New York Times. “As children, we would play hide-and-seek  in the house, but we didn’t dare come in by ourselves. Even the Red Guards who lived in the house during the Cultural Revolution got scared and left.” Most of the locals believe these stories but government types didn’t. The Chinese Government wanted to tear the place down a few years back but backed off after a number of construction workers mysteriously disappeared!There are a number of skeptics, one being Shi Hongxi, secretary general of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association in Beijing, who owns the property. He claims there’s no record of a Kuomintang official ever living there. The building, Mr Shi says, was constructed in 1910 as a language training center for foreign missionaries by the name of the North China Union Language School. He claims all ghost
that all the stories of hauntings are pure hogwash.  are pure nonsense. Of course, the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association in Beijing has every interest of attracting investors willing to put money into the building’s renovation, and there are those who claim it’s Shi’s historical records that are inaccurate. It would cost 1.5 million dollars + to renovate the property and although it seems like a lot but it’s pretty reasonable considering the property values in the area. However, investors seem more willing to sink millions into new construction than put money into this beautiful but haunted piece of architecture. It’s a shame that it’s so closely tied to Chinese superstition and their tendency to avoid all things related to death. Believe it or not, the Chinese belief in the supernatural is so powerful that telephone numbers and properties with addresses that contain the number 4 are cheaper because the word for “four” in Chinese sounds like the word for “death”.

chanoei #8113) FENDU GHOST CITY, CHONGQING: Almost 2,000 years old, Fengdu Ghost City is sits on the northern bank of the Yangtze River. Considered the best place for research Chinese ghosts, Fengdu County has a unique culture concerned with spirits and the afterlife. Recently,  Fengdu Ghost City has become an integral part of scenery for passengers on Yangtze River cruises, as visitors can enjoy both natural scenery and historic relics during their trips there…. BUT they should be cautious  things that go bump in the night.  This city was buuilt to focus on the Afterlife and combines the beliefs of Confucius, Taoism and Buddhism.  The city is mentioned in several Chinese literary works, like “Apotheosis of Heroes” and “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio”. Local legend says Fengdu  was given the appellation, “Ghost city ”  by 2 imperial officials, Wan Fangping & Yin Changseng during  the Eastern Han Dynasty when they  made a pilgrimage to Ming mountain to practice Taoism and  became immortalThe combination of their names, Yinwan, means “King of Hell”, marking  the beginning of the city’s focus on the underworld & Afterlife. Many of the temples and shrines have paintings and sculptures of people being tortured in payment for their sins.

According to Chinese belief, the dead must pass 3  tests before they can go on to their next life. First,  they must negotiate their way across  the ‘Bridge of Helplessness’, which is stone bridge was built during the Ming Dynasty as a test for Good and Evil. It has 3 arches, with the middle one appointed for human souls. Depending on the gender, age and marital status, there are different protocols for crossing the bridge.  At the bridge demons allow or forbid passage, with good being allowed to pass while the evil will be shoved to the water below.

Nowadays, this now done as a tourist attraction, with performers dressed as demons that momentarily stop tourists on the bridge but finally allow them across.  The dead must then proceed to Ghost-Torturing Pass where they present themselves for judgment before Yama, King of Hell. This is the second test and in this area, there are large sculptures of demons.The 3rd test is at the entrance to Tianzi Palace, where the dead must stand on a certain stone on one foot for three minutes. According to legend a virtuous person will be able to do it while an evil person will invariably fail and be condemned to hell. Tianzi Palace is the largest and oldest building, at over three hundred years old.  The most recent addition is the Last Glance to Home Tower (also called Home Viewing Pavilion) which was built in 1985 and is placed where according to legend the dead could have one last look towards their home and families.

fengdu ghost city


A good ghost story makes for an interesting tale and a haunted house usually comes with a history that reaches so far back into the past that the mystery of its origins is enough to make imaginations run wild. Whether the building is haunted or not, it is most likely historical and should be accorded such a status. Besides, there’s no guarantee that a demolishing would remove the hauntings. There are numerous stories about new buildings adopting the ghosts of its predecessor.  Perhaps then, it would be best to maintain these buildings – ghosts or no.
Besides, the world moves too fast already and in time, all we may have left of our past are those same ghosts that haunt the dark, lonely corridors.

The Ghosts of Montrose Air Station Museum

The Ghosts of Montrose

(I am eternally grateful to the Montrose Review Press for permission to publish this article).

Lieutenant Desmond L. Arthurdesmond arthurjpg
Desmond Lucius Arthur was born on 31st March 1884 at O’Briens Bridge, County Clare, Ireland,
and was educated at Portora Royal School, Inniskillin. He joined the 5th Battalion Royal
Munster Fusiliers (Special Reserve), being gazetted on 27th May 1911. He joined No 2 Squadron
of the Royal Flying Corps on 17th April 1913, having gained his Flying Certificate, No 233,
on the 18th June 1912 flying a Bristol Monoplane at Brooklands.

On 27th May, 1913, Lt. Arthur, dressed in his officer’s khaki uniform over which he wore a
white Cavalry cover-all, climbed aboard BE2 No 205 for a normal practice flight from Upper
Dysart, south of Montrose on the coast road (now the A92). At 7 a.m. the 70hp Renault engine
of his aircraft roared into life, and he took to the air heading towards Lunan Bay. Around
30 minutes into the flight the machine was seen descending in a left hand spiral at about
2,500 feet, making a complete turn. The aircraft then banked to the right, and the top right
hand wing was seen to collapse from the tip towards the fuselage.

Spectators on the ground reported they heard the engine accelerating and a puff of smoke was
emitted from the exhausts. The aircraft pitched downwards throwing Lt. Arthur against his
seat strap, bursting the stitching on one side. Lt Arthur fell to his death hitting the
ground about 200 yards in front of Lunan Bay Station, his machine crashing about 160 yards away.

This early accident gave rise to the story of ‘The Montrose Ghost’ during the Great War, when
an enquiry accused Lt. Arthur of ‘Stunting’ his machine. His spectre was seen at the Officer’s
Quarters, until his name was cleared when the findings of the enquiry were overturned and he
was exonerated from all blame for the crash, the accident being due to a botched repair.
Lt Arthur is buried locally in Sleepyhillock cemetery……
Lt. Desmond Arthur whose death at Montrose gave rise to the legend of
“The Montrose Ghost” Over the years there have been many reported sightings of
ghosts at Montrose aerodrome.

An irresistible offer by the Montrose Air Station Museum to spend a night in there –
and live to tell the tale – reporters Julie Currie and Linda Marshall made sure
they were well prepared to deal with who or whatever might come on a snow
-filled night at the Waldron Road site.

It was snowing when they set off, which added to the perfect setting for a ‘spooktacular’
night. Taking enough food and drink to feed the two of them for a month, they readied themselves
for a face to face meeting with the ghost.

The notorious Montrose haunting dates to circa 1913, when Lieutenant Desmond Arthur’s
aircraft disintegrated over Lunan Bay, killing him instantly. Though his earthly remains lie
in the nearby Sleepyhillock cemetery, The locals believe that he haunts the Air Museum
wearing his WWII era uniform because he was was blamed for the very crash that
took his life. It should be noted that an inquest convened after the tragic accident completely
absolved him.

Another ghostly figure said to have walked the museum’s corridors is Lieutenant Fergie
Waldron. He died in battle in France but sightings of the airman’s ghost have become
almost commonplace.

Museum assistant Ian McIntosh said: “Be warned, the place has a very eerie atmosphere.
No-one has ever stayed the night in the museum since the second world war when there
had to be an officer on night duty. We keep hearing doors rattling as if someone is
trying to get in but there’s no-one there and footsteps can be heard pacing around.
“The last time I heard it was in July this year. It sounded like the door handle was
being forced by someone trying to get in but there was no-one there. People have tried
to stay the night but packed up and left when the noises began. I would never stay
overnight myself.”

The two reporters settled in for the night the Commanding Officer’s room, nervously waiting
for the acclaimed ghostly night show to begin. In an attempt to take their minds off their creeping fear,
they were reduced to regaling one another with the entire score of The Sound of
Music. The reporters began to believe that their musical rendition had warded off the ghost, because hour
after hour passed with no ghostly appearances. Maybe, they thought, the ghosts of Dezzie & Fergie hated show tunes….

Around 1am, Julie heard groans, excitedly thinking that the ghosts were finally making an appearance but
it turned out that it was just Julie mumbling in her sleep. Eventually Julie joined Linda in slumber
and both of them managed to sleep like logs. However Julie did remark, “I do not fancy doing it again.
The place does have a spooky atmosphere with its narrow corridors, old models and flags from the past
two world wars.”
Community education worker Craig Burness took a group of youngsters on a Halloween tour to the museum
as a special treat. He said: “We were there for the witching hour and set up the infra-red sensor in the museum room.
It went off and took us all by surprise. I like to keep an open mind and thought it was
just a flag fluttering but there was no draft at all in the museum and all bodies were
accounted for. I work at the museum at the weekends and hear a lot of unexplained noises in the building.
The eeriest part is along the corridor.”

As for Julie and Linda, the interview with the ghost was a bust and they left in morning, no worse for wear.
Oh well, so much for things that go bump in the night!

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