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The Ghosts of Montrose Air Station Museum

The Ghosts of Montrose (I am eternally grateful to the Montrose Review Press for permission to publish this article). Lieutenant Desmond L. Arthur Desmond Lucius Arthur was born on 31st March 1884 at O’Briens Bridge, County Clare, Ireland, and was educated at Portora Royal School, Inniskillin. He joined the 5th Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers (Special Reserve), being gazetted on 27th… Read more →

The History Of Santa Paula Cemetery

Mundane and Paranormal In the city of Guadalajara Mexico, there is a cemetery located at 684 Belén Street which was established on a piece of land next to the Old Civil Hospital. It was designed by and architect  Manuel Gomez Ibarra was commissioned by the Bishop Diego de Aranda Y Carpinteiro. Gomez also rebuilt the towers of the of the… Read more →

The Spectres on Thai Beaches

Ghostly image claimed to be take in Thailand after the tsunami, popped up MSNBC, where it was credited “Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.” Almost 10 years ago, on December 26, 2004, an earthquake of magnitude between 9.1 and 9.3 struck in the Indian Ocean. It spawned a tsunami that killed almost a quarter of a million people in fourteen countries. Today, this… Read more →

Hauntings and Natural Disasters

After writing about the ghosts that reportedly haunt Japan’s tsunami-stricken regions, I began wondering about the sites of other natural disasters. For instance, did paranormal reports spike after the devastating tsunami in 2004 or after Hurricane Katrina battered New Orleans in 2005? As it turns out, the answer is yes. Here are four recent natural disasters and the ghost tales… Read more →

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