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Vampires in Chinese Mythology

Characteristics and Details about Chinese Vampires The Chinese vampire differs greatly from its western cousins. In Chinese mythology, all empires originated from one of the 12 gods, which came from 12 drops of blood from PANGU, the great god who created sky and earth. Chinese vampire, according their different growing stage, can be divided into six levels. Chinese Vampire Level… Read more →

The 3800 Sleeping Beauty Of Loulan Is Still Perfectly Preserved!

The Sleeping Beauty of Loulan is an extraordinary 3,800-year-old mummy that until today is still preserved. It is one of 200 mummies found in the Takla Makan Desert of the Tarim Basin, China. The Takla Makan desert remains a place shrouded in mystery. Ancient people believed that once you entered this place there was no way out. A very long… Read more →

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