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Just had a reading of Ecumenist Thereader I have to say she’s brilliant very accurate in what she told me she could never have known the things she said..I would highly recommend her to everyone absolutely brilliant I’m delighted with what she told me thank you very much xx — feeling special.


Well what can I say… what a fantastic friendly wonderful lady. She was so accurate and absolutely brilliant I would highly recommended Ecumenist Thereader to everyone x thank u soo much
Thankyou means alot god already blessed u with an amazing gift and i think your wonderful for sharing it with the world your an inspirational woman appreciate your time xx
I have known and consulted with Ecumenist for over 19 years and she has always been great, calming and accurate & information she delivers is crazy detailled. she comes highly recommended.
Yusuf Moussad  March 17, 2014Over the last 4 yrs, every prediction Ecuminis made for me came true, now, the timing was sometimes was off but it happened eventually, even when no one else saw it. And after not talking for a few months, she picked up my situation today to a TEE. DAMN, this is most gifted Gifted reader I have ever met! Not to mention very generous. Thank you!
Veronica Moustisse  March 17, 2014



Where do i start this lady is BRILLIANT and so exact she told me so much about two people that i have lost last year described them down to the color of their eyes and hair and their humour and hw they left this world and that they are now happy which is so good to know. Thank you very very much you made me a happy person tonight xxx
Sharon Ginnelly  March 17, 2014


It’s FANTASTIC go to Ecumenist because she’s a true guide! Honestly, I don’t think she’s been wrong once and she’s been reading for me for almost a year now! Thank you
Lana Martin  March 16, 2014



So happy with my mini reading off this lady. Even if its stuff u dont want to hear. It makes ye fell a lot better after hearing . I would definitely recommend this lady. She is 100℅ threw in what she is saying .an could give ye enough strength t walk away in what u now no u have to . I wil be back to u very soon . thanks a mill hun xxx
Shauna Louise Hodgkiss White  March 16, 2014


She has been reading for me for 19 years and has consistently be spot on at least 95% of the time! Real, accurate, see’s the future, very on point, I promise you, it is a necessity to try her once. Ecumenist is new to bitwine a recognized & top reader out there. Taps into emotions and tells you can expect and how to turn around thingss for the better! Predicted events, described how an evening would go & friends and loved ones looked TO A TEE, future discussions, etc & timelines. GENUINE and REAL
Annika Moersch March 15, 2014


fast typer and very accurate! Almost SCARY accurate….
Laren Cochran March 14, 2014


Maria Solis  March 14, 2014


Thank you, Ecumenist so very much for clearing things for me..i would have made such a bad mistake and be ever so miserable….u r truly gifted and have an intuition of my situation….God Bless you

DispicableMia March 14, 2014


Very accurate, solid & real life advice, recommended for love relationships you want to know the future of…
Valeria Briggins March 14 2014

This reading was SPOT ON! Ecumenist made a connection and didn’t rush me to connect the session. I think this is always important to make the connection. I really like her a lot. She is pleasant to talk with. I felt she connected to my situation totally. Just great& fabulous!
Maria Varga March 14 2014

his woman has guided me through some very serious situations. She is very psychic & very smart. She’s also aware of the time and does her best to give you so much inforamtion in as short a time as posible. What a wonderful person she is.
ShaneBrown  March 14, 2014

DEE-LITE-FULL…EASILY the best I have ever talked to..deep insight…will come back again, again& again! did I tell you that I will call her again? lol…she has the answers & is so plain spoken and down to earth….A REAL Psychic, whodathinkit??
BroadwayBernie March 14, 2014

Wow, um, that was amazing! Umm,Wowee, just wow… Very in touch reader with an insight that exceeded all my expectations. Very impressed!!!
Trey March 14, 2014

Thank you for the session. I will come back soon because you were right about what happened in the past and gave me a great advice! She is very straight-forward & Honest…
Jillian Michelle March 14, 2014

She KNEW with }}JUST{{names & BD’s just what was going on in my life! I felt a strong connection with her…she”s so kind & talking with her, you feel a kind of peace. Recommend
EnglishMaid March 14, 2014

Albina 🙂 March 14, 2014

Thank you again, very generous with time and that 5 minute followup….I’m sold..
cyclerider March 14, 2014

YES indeedy, she is def one of those gifted people that can see deep in to the matter & most people don’t believe exists. I got good info & will come back cos she does have the gift.
Joe Bob Bragg March 14, 2014

First time reading with this lovely lady. She apparently is connected to my world. Try her pleasant and straight forward, easy to understand….
ILikeDenise March 14, 2014

Great session! very good very accurate VERY valuable information…3 thumbs up
joenutz March 14, 2014

Great reader but just not sure what to expect, first reading ever…will update.
Paola&Paolo March 14, 2014

READING FOLLOW UP to STACEY RYLE: YESTERDAY, I did a reading for Stacey Ryle, a WONDERFUL member of my group. this reading was special because it turned out that it was the 10th B’day of her little sister, who’d passed as an infant from a rare but SEVERE congenital skin disease and it meant something to me because my sister, RAINE, who passed 42 years ago THE DAY BEFORE, (JUNE 18TH), and I have a soft spot for little sisters on the other side.. During the course of the reading, her sister showed up with two people, an older woman and a young man, about the age of 38 years old. I told Stacey about these two people but she had no idea who I was talking about and in fact, was quite confused, as she pointed out in her review. I told her that I would leave it alone because I don’t like to go into things that the client cannot confirm and “anyway” I told her, “you’ll find out who they are, trust me. Ask your parents.”
She took my advice as soon as she could and guess what people? lol. she inboxed me with this “ALMOST” immediate update..”Just wanted to let you know that what you said made sense now because I was talking to her mam on details of how she died it’s the first I said and she said everything you did and the man is on her mams side he is a cousin her mam said thank you as well she is delighted she came through!” LOL!! And I’m delighted that that her sister’s grammy and mom’s cousin came through when they got the chance. This happens alot when I will call one person and they’ll come with one or two folks who may be related BUT are often unknown to the person, (at first) and KNOW that the message they send will get back to the people they want to send the message to. God bless you, Stacey and your BEAUTIFUL sister, Katie. KATIE, May you soar through heaven on your most beautiful butterfly wings.
Stacey Ryle June 20, 2014
Just had a great reading off Ecumenist Thereader she is spot on on everything some things didn’t make sense but I’m sure they will in the future she is amazing hearing from my sister on her birthday just made my day thanks Ecumenist
STACEY RYLE  June 19 2014   {{Check out the UPDATE posted on Friday June 20th}}
OMG, Ecu, I just realized as we hung up the phone that my first reading with you was over 15 years ago!. You have seen me through some pretty rough patches and walked me through all of it, not just as my reader but as one of my best and most loyal friends. This gift is the peace I have in making very personal, difficult decisions without fear. People around me, at work and in my family will say I am a strong person. I appreciate the compliment but I know that GOD is where that strength is coming from AND its the time I have invested in these readings that never disappoint me. It’s sometimes the little things in life that I question, indecision holds me back and you have made me see that I need to trust myself & as you always tell me, “learn my own value”. Thank you, your insight is priceless!
Stephen Adam Michaels  June 18 2014
Wow, Ecumenist The Reader I’m shocked how you picked up on my son because I didn’t mention that it’s his first day as a completely licensed doctor, I am so pleased to see him living his dreams and like you said I am very proud and surprised of him. Years ago, who knew when he was having all the problems with drugs and you told me NOT to worry, that things would work out and he would become a doctor, I really did NOT believe you. Well, I feel like I’m living in a dream. I have been a client for 18 years and I will ALWAYS stick with you Ecumenist because I have NEVER found anyone who was as amazing and accurete as you….Thank you for everything..The PROUD mom of a doctor,
Mildred Boriqua-Gardez June 18, 2014
Ecumenist the Reader was right on target, confirming my gut feelings and woman’s intuition.Although Ecumenist apologized because she doesn’t get names, unless it’s life or death but she described ALL 6 of my children as if she was looking at them in the face. She even described my husband to tee, down to the UGLIEST KELLY GREEN bowling shoes IN THE WORLD! Did I mention that she CORRECTLY told me that they had a horrible stench? LOL She was amazing!!! I’ll be back, Ecumenist…It was DEFINITELY a pleasure to write this review and this reading was most certainly one of more amazing and fun experiences I’ve had in a long time….Thanx again, girl. I’ll be calling in 2 weeks..
Angeline Mrozek June 18, 2014
3 thumbs up, Ecumenist The Reader for being astoundingly accurate. Extremely gifted and authentic. She told me exactly what I needed to know to move to move on from my marriage. I’m confident that I made the right decision for me and my kids. Shes very consistent and always on point. Highest rating. Blessings to you always!
Brigitta Malmos June 18, 2014
Thank you Ecumenist…I’m writing today to let you know that the instructions you gave me worked, ha! I call for more advice and I will fight I thank you so much please don’t go anywhere because I believe that God has sent you to me & guided me to youto get the help and the words of wisdom He sends to me through you. I KNOW this is the truth because they do come to pass…YOU ARE THE TRUTH! I’ll book another appointment with you, Ecumenist because my sisters, brothers, father, Aunts and grandmother want to schedule a FAMILY psychic cirlce reading with you As soon as possible to talk to our mom, Erica, who passed 3 months ago. I LOVED the psychic circle you held for my friend’s bridal shower and from experience, I KNOW
you can reach my mom and help our family speak to her to make sure she’s okay and say goodbye. Whoever reads this. Ecumenist is the REAL DEAL, like the ones you see on TV. She just oozes love, caring and honesty that is so rare these days. Thanks again, Ecumenist
Shani Jackson June 18, 2014
Where do I begin. WOW what an angel. She is such a caring wonderful and gifted lady. She was able
to give me so much information and was spot on. She has comforted me in a way I never thought would be possible. U are certainly one in a million and to any doubters out there. Try her and I promise u. U will not be disappointed. God bless u. U have put my mind at ease. Xx
ORLAGH BROGAN June 17, 2014
That was absolutely outstanding! phew! Where do I start? I asked Ecumenist 1 single, solitary question and damn, she took off like a shot through the whole reading. ( She not only told me details about my target NO ONE would know but myself but she even including additional parties who are involved, (ANYONE who’s had a reading with Ecumenist KNOWS what I mean by that), that I NEVER even mentioned. What I liked about her is not only is Ecumenist The Reader professional but it was talking to your best and oldest friend. She told me what to do and gave me hope for the future. The most AMAZING thing that really blew me away about Ecumenist was her ability to factor in how my actions would affect how the situation I was asking about. Please if you are looking for a REAL GIFTED READER , Ecumenist The Reader is your girl….if she wasn’t married….jk Mr Ecumenist lol
Charles Azania June 16 2014
Ecumenist The Reader truly amazed me because she picked up on things no one knew as well as real time frames that made perfect sense. She is a true psychic & tells you the truth not things you just want to hear. Ecumenist, you are worth 100 billion stars and you are refreshing, not just hearing the same old trash. How did you know that “AJ” had a problem with her step brotherr? MIND-BLOWN! She gave me insight and the clarity to make the right decisions. You have understanding that other readers could not give me thank you so much. Anyone reading this, Ecumenist the reader is EXTREMELY accurate and very detailed. A great great reading. literally the best reading I have EVER had!
Neil Anderson June 16 2014
WOW!!!! I’m so happy I found this woman! She is extremely confident & humble at the same time in in her talent and nailed everything on the head in my love life & my man. I am so very impressed! Thank you so, Ecumenist!!!
Annalaura Montalvo June 16, 2014
I’m still gobsmacked and this is just from the free mini-readings It’s only been 12 hours and the main prediction she gave me JUST came true! This was my first reading with her and she told me that I would hear from the guy that I am interested in and that I would soon know everything I needed to know. DAMN , she was not kidding! lol Just hung up with “T and the conversation was more than enough that I needed to know. DOUBLE DAMN!! Ecumenist The Reader was scarey accurate in her prediction! Just paid for a full reading and looking forward to what else she has to tell me. I will update!
Stephanie Martin  06.16.2014
NOTE: The following review is one where I read for Sharon’s mom, Anna and I suppose she was sitting in on the reading
WOW This lady is amazing. So So accurate, she really put my mind at ease in relation to my passed love ones, made me laugh and made me cry but told me stuff she could not have known. She is a lovely lady thank you so so much.
Sharon Ginnelly  June 14 2014
I just had another wonderful reading with Ecumenist the Reader and the great thing about her is no matter how much time has passed since my last reading with her, she has the uncanny ability to pick up exaclty where she left off! I am a long term client, (almost 18 years), & I have never found anyone with the accuracy she has and I know this from expereince. I had to find someone else when she got cancer a few years ago. I went through some hard times and found someone else. OY VEY..lol WORST.READER.EVER! I guess I’m spoiled by her amazing abilities to see things that should not be humanly possible. lol I tease her by telling her that I prayed she would get better because what was I going to do if she crossed over….jk Ecumenist…So glad you’re well and back in the saddle. Thank you for the spot on advice regarding the business deal I was thinking about going into. You saved my tukkes. Without you, I would have been out of 250K dollars. LOVE ya. I would recommend you to anyone in a new york minute.
Sheryl Applebaum  June 13 2014
Yet another update: I read for Claraa Murray on April 27th, a lovely girl, contacting her deceased mom who she was keen to hear from and speak to. during the course of the reading, because she only has ONE child. Her mom kept INSISTING and talking about Claraa’s CHILDREN, as in PLURAL kids lol. Oh boy, was Claraa confused. I told her that she needed to take it up with with her mom…lol WELL.. She inboxed me this afternoon with a delightfully hilarious update:”You told me in a mini reading befor that my mom said something and that it would be the best decision since my CHILDREN, I then told u I only had one child and asked maybe was she talking about the girl that was present with me while I was getting the reading from you, you told me NO that it was ME she was talking about, Well ecumenist I didn’t believe it but I was pregnant while u gave me that reading and never new x”
CLARAA MURRAY June 13 2014
{{CONGRATULATIONS Claraa, on you precious bun in the oven! I am happy & to be the reader your mom spoke to to let you know that she’s alright, that she’s Oh, so proud” of what you’ve done with your life and to announce the wonderful surprise of your new baby…
A new New Reading UPDATE from Maurice Jonston: I first read for Maury a year ago. His marriage was breaking up and he was desperate. I had been reading for him an average of once a month, with the most recently on the 16th of last month. I told him what would happen and poor thing was in tears, trying to transfer to Asia, sell his home in LA and repair his marriage. Maurice was polite but he REALLY doubted that I was right. WELL…. This morning, I got this update.. lol :” Even though I doubted, Ecumenist’s predictions have come to pass. I had completely given up hope reviving my marriage (5.16.2014). GUESS WHAT?!! Early this morning, I got an email & it said EXACTLY what Ecumenist told me it would. WTF??! And to be honest, I thought that what she was telling me about email contact from my ex husband was a lot of crap! lol
HOW THE HELL DOES SHE SEE THESE THINGS? I mean, it’s not only that she sees the future and her predictions of like a laser point correct but she sees such detail, down to the hair color, eye color, hieght weight, illnesses, little things like tattoos, moles..it so accurate, it’s fucking creepy. lol She is so kind, funny and generous, taking extra time to explain everything & graciously will listen to questions with patience and sweetness. She’s that sister I never had. lol If I could bottle Ecumenist the Reader and sell her, I’d make Mr Gates look like a piker…lol Honestly, I Cannot recommend Ecumenist the Reader highly enough. If this was YELP, she would get 5 stars and 2 snaps. LOL Ecumenist is my go to girl and reader….”
Maurice Jonston June 11 2014
and Oh yeah, PS:. Ecu, We sold the house for exactly the amount you said, 150K more than the appraisal. Girl, how do you do that??!! HAHA!! You go girl!!
“Really happy for you Maurice… ” Ecumenist The Reader
What can I say abount Ecumensit the Rader? She told me I would get a call from hunny by the weekend… CHECK!. She also told me that he would come see me ON friday February 21…CHECK!. She told me we had a wonderful time…check! . She also told me that he would admit to falling in love with me…DOUBLE CHECK!.She’s a great reader whose predictions have come True… quick, fast & in a hurry…
Jackie Stevens….March 24 2014
Ecumenist the Reader is so amazing. She predicted & flat out told me that my husband would make me a lump sum offer to settle our divorce & damn it if he didn’t. lol, Wow just Wow! I never flipping saw that coming! lol THEN….She also told me that he would beg me to take him back and he did, more than once. WHAT??!! I thought to myself, “ecumenist, you’re gone too far…This will NEVER happen. This is a man who cheated on me, lied to my face and ground my heart and love into the mud. Embarrassed me in public and called me UGLY fat b%tch a week before I gave birth to his first child! Guess what? His girlfriend broke up with him and the idiot called me, snotting and blubbering, BEGGING me to take him back.. lololol… Call her, she’s NOT human !!!! lol, jk, Ecumenist… WORTH EVERY PENNY EVERYONE
What can I say? lol I’ve been talking to Ecumenist for 10 years because she connects with me 99% of the time. Other readers say, ” I am 99 % / 100 percent accurate”..but their predictions have not come true for me. With Ecumenist the Reader, the outcomes pretty much always happen and even when I am hoping she is wrong she gives it to me real and authentic, no sugarcoating, fairytales or false hopes. I appreciate her and she is really accurate with outcomes and reading the situation.

Just had an amazing reading thank you so much :)) xx

Had a reading with this lady last night Ecumenist Thereader and she told me lots of things that were spot on also things I never new but made a lot of sense. She didnt rush through the reading spent an awful lot of time with me until I understood everything thank you very very much again
ROMA KEARNS 06.03.2014

Last night I had a lovely reading.. I had a weight lifted of my shoulders and it was great to hear from my loved one.. I can not thank you enough I was all smiles goin to bed last night and woke up with smiles… thank you so much x

Thank You For My Reading So Happy Wit It Am So Grateful For The Extra Time You Gave Me And Wat You Have Told Me About My Future Look Froward To Hearing From You Again

Thank you so very much. It was great to hear from my daughter(Amy) that I miss, she was my world, my reason. You had every detail right about Amy. I thank you for talking to her and relaying messages for me. Your a wonderful person with a great gift (although its a 24/7 distraction for you). I hope and pray now that Amy can go and grow and learn what she needs to so when I get there she can help me. Again I thank you, your so beautiful, inside and out. Love and light to you!

I just received this email followup to a reading I did earlier this month to confirm my accuracy…
“just wanted to say thanks again for my reading you’ve been so accurate since then I was diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy but I done what u said and stayed away from all SODA ”
REBECCA SWEENEY April 29th 2014

so so easy to talk to hilarious infact fab person well worth a wait for people who are waiting. small little details no one would know after loosing the person most close to me that family only know finally feel i can sleep in peace.you’re a star x\

you are amazing..u gave me so much detail on everything..i really appriciate it.,,, your defo ligit and 100% trustworthy xxx

thank you so much for my reading, I honestly couldn’t be any happier with it EVERY THING spot on you’ve really made my night thank you again so so much x
KELLIE SWEENEY April 19th 2014

I want to say I just got a reading and she’s wonderful…very gifted and blessed…she is on point about everything…brought me closure and peace…she was right. About everything…truly the best!”!
DUSTY NICH’OLE REED April 19th 2014

Just wanted to say a big heart felt thank you to Ecumenist! I had a reading before, but it was nothing like this one. She was upfront and said that she would be honest and not lie even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. She answered a lot of my unanswered questions that I needed to know about my son after his horrible death. I was relieved to know he did not suffer. She gave me much comfort and she was right on, on everything she said. She truly has a gift. She is awesome. Thanks again.
Hi i just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU to you for the reading you gave me. You congratulated me on my new baby and I would just like to let you know you were RIGHT; I AM INDEED PREGNANT! lol.. I found out today, (Thursday, APRIL 17 2014) and I want to thank you so much for everything you told me xxxxx

Thank you Ecumenist. You have provided me with much needed answers. Speaking with you was so comforting. Your warmth, understanding and insight has provided me with some much needed relief. Thank you for helping me breathe again. xxx

thank you ecumenist for my readin u were spot on thank you and u wer so nice xxxx

Just had a reading off this lady she brought through four people who has passed belong to me. Everything was so true and real, it gave me such a peace of mind, this lady was ever so nice and gentle with the info she gave. This lady has a wonderful gift! I feel so lucky to have got some a of this lady’s time as it was so nice to hear from my loved who’s on the other side:) it was very much appreciated. Thanks again X

Thanks for my reading the other day only getting a chance to write this now. Was very pleased.
ELAINE KEOGH April, 8, 2014

Just had the most amazing reading from Ecumenist Thereader, I highly recommend her to anyone to get a reading done, not only is she a caring soul she has an amazing gift and gave me some great guidance with my future plans, thankyou so much for you reading hun many blessings, love and light
Clairvoyant Medium Becca xxx 04.05.2014

Thank you so much for my reading it was great to hear from her again and I’m one happy girl now thanks again
NICOLA WHELAN 04.06.2014

I just want to say a big thank u to this amazing woman who is helping others with her gift she cleared up a lot of doubt that I had and was able to give me fine detail info and she was just amazing she made me believe the choices I have made are what’s going to set me up for life and also shed a lil light on the questions I had about my past and the people in it she is brilliant ppl !! Ecumenist Thereader x

Tell ya ive just had an experience with “Ecumenist medium and clairvoyant” i no people say the same about every medium but this women is like nobody ive ever heard before .. shes from California .. she was able to tell me so much about my dad how he felt when he was dying and things he knew that we could only no that were around him when he died :(my ma has being trying to connect with my bro Raymond 35 years and nobody could ever get him .. well she did and it actually had me ma crying because of things she told her things only between them 2 .. how he died to detail wat age the whole lot .. in all these years ive seen me ma talk about Raymond but never seen her cry and tonight i di which was heartbreaking but she needed it .. ecumenist Ecumenist Thereader you gave my family closure tonight especially my mum and to no what you told me bout my dad i wont say ill just say about the last 4 days you no what i mean. im glad to hear that as i hated the idea of him knowing xx so i want to say a big thank you from myself and my mum we will never forget this if you were here id give you such a hug xx thank you from the Bradley family xxxxx

Omg I jus got a reading, and I have to say it was brilliant n wanna say a big tank u ta d girl dat gave me it — with Ecumenist Thereader.

This lovely lady just done a reading for me Ecumenist Thereader she is brilliant. Lovely women to speak to everything to the point. Thanks again. Xxx

Thank you for my reading it was very good. You are brilliant at what you do.
Shauna Duggan 03.30.2014

Have To Say I Got A Brilliant Reading Off Ecumenist Thereader she was excact on everything..Thank You So much You Are Brilliant x

Hi Ecumenist, I got a reading from you a while ago in one group here on Facebook. Just wanted to say it was correct and everything came right in the end Thank you
Trudie Ni Chóra

I had my reading few days ago from this lovely woman, took me few days piece things together, because my lack of info on my side..but as days have gone on iv learnt more..she is brilliant as for advice thank u,u should see my smile xx
Rút Ní Labhraítréan March 26, 2014

MANY thanks, Ecumenist for the EXTREMELYdetailed reading. Quite amazing how things can change & yet, you pick up everything accurately. MUCH LOVE!!!!
MELANIA NOORY March 26, 2014

just had a great reading and i would highly recommend her she has put my mind at ease thanks
Ann GINNELLY 03.26.2014

just had the most amazing reading would strongly recommend this lady to everyone everything down to detail was so unreal thank you so much.

Just had a reading from this lovely lady, everything was correct and it gave me so much peace to hear my grandad was looking over us, she knew everything correctly and I would highly highly recommend her and I can not wait to have another reading from her! Thank you !
EMMA FEENEY March 25 2014

Had a reading today and it was vry accurate.
..i would highly recommend getting a reading!!.. Thamk you very much Ecumenist Thereader…im very happy Wit my reading x
Emma Lackey  March 18 2014

I have just got the most amazing reading from Ecumenist Thereader I recommend anyone who has any doubts about her amazing gift to go an ask for a reading yourself , I promise she will not disappoint u. #veryhappywitmyreading
Victoria Keeley March 18 2014  #veryhappywitmyreading 🙂

Where do I start…Ecumnist was very detailed and professional,precise, and I appreciate her descriptive detailed answers. My only complaint is that I can’t see her in person.

George Morris March 17, 2014

Ecumenist is the best bitwine reader, hell, the best I HAVE EVER met – extremely accurate and caring and has amazing insight and explanation for all. With her advice, you can manifest life exactly as you want. The best I have ever talked to (and this is a totally unbiased review)

Bill Mason March 17, 2014








1st time talking to her…will call back
Yellawoman  March 14, 2014


first time whit her and i realy apreciate everything . i did talk whit a lot of reader but she is the most accurate, kind & understanding one try her she’ll help you
Donni March 14, 2014
ECUMENIST THE READER is VERY accurate & hit EVERYTHING on the nail. GOT STRAIGHT TO THE POINT & DIDN’T WASTE ANY TIME…..but was very caring and polite about everything! Very through and I will keep her posted about what happens! Thanks again for all guidance, advice & honest to goodness kindness. Everyone you should give her try…you will NOT regret it..I’d lay good money on it!
Charli Nguyen March 14, 2014


Ecumenist The Reader TOLD ME THE COMPLETE UNVARNISHED truth & it’s so refreshing to hear.. Amazing. Now I can move on, thank you so much!” Jessa Smythe  March 14, 2014


“Everybody add this page Ecumenist Thereader just got an amazing reading.. Wait in turn & you’ll be as happy as I am with mine x”
Naomi Keogh March 14 2014


“Best reading by far tears came rolling — with Ecumenist Thereader.”
Nikita Lynch March 14, 2014


“omg had a reading and it was brill.most d stuff she tld me was spot on..defo wanna see a medium now.tanx so much.great reading xxxx”

Lynne Moody Friday March 14, 2014


Ecumenis has been very accurate about my future every since our first chat. What I love most is theway she reads, sweet & healing, which works well for me since I’m REALLY sensitive. My emotional health has HONETLY gotten better after each reading with Ecumenist because she makes me feel that I can take on life challenges without worries She may be amedium but for me she is much better than a real life therapist than my 300.00 hour therapist. Get your reading as soon as you can
Edward Blake  March 14, 2014

Ecumenist TheReaders predictions ALWAYS come true in time…
ThePrinze March 14, 2014

Was a very good acurate reading!
billyboy March 14, 2014

O man, helpful as always!! Already seen prediction came to pass just as she said!!
tyreemaya  March 14, 2014

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