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Psychic Readings Appointment Calendar

{{NOTICE}} Clients can now use the appointment Calendar to make appointments for a reading. REMEMBER, your appointment is NOT confirmed UNTIL the fee OR Deposit, no matter what the calendar says.

1) decide what type of reading you want & how long you want your reading to be.

2) Pick the reader you want, the date AND time you desire

3) submit the information along with the fee payment

4) Once done, the system will send you a confirmation email

5) Psychic Circle Readings REQUIRE 50-55% NONREFUNDABLE deposit, depending on the type of Psychic Circle

If you have ANY questions AT ALL, regarding making your appointment or you run into any problems while trying to make your appointment, email me ASAP: Ecumenist@AskMyPsychics.com

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Psychic Readings Appointment Calendar

Psychic Readings Appointment Calendar

Welcome To “Ask My PsychicsPsychic Readings Appointment Calendar Where You Can Set Your Appointment,  See What Reader is Available and The Type Of Reading They Do, Choose Your Time & Pay For Your Reading.  Please Note & Remember That NO Reading Is Actually Scheduled Until Your Fee OR Deposit Is Paid, In Spite Of What The Calendar Says.




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