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America’s Quiet Zone

A telephone booth sits by a road leading to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, W.Va. Cell service around the telescope is nonexistent. John W. Poole/NPR There are no physical signs you’ve entered the National Radio Quiet Zone, a 13,000-square-mile area that covers the eastern half of West Virginia. But the silence gives you a signal. Somewhere around… Read more →

Vampires in Chinese Mythology

Characteristics and Details about Chinese Vampires The Chinese vampire differs greatly from its western cousins. In Chinese mythology, all empires originated from one of the 12 gods, which came from 12 drops of blood from PANGU, the great god who created sky and earth. Chinese vampire, according their different growing stage, can be divided into six levels. Chinese Vampire Level… Read more →

The Real Vampire….

Vampire. The word conjures up images of suave, handsome, or strikingly beautiful creatures, such as is depicted in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. Those of you who are fans of her books are quite familiar with the arrogant and sexy Lestat. One of the most famous vampires of all time is, of course, Count Dracula. The brain child of Bram Stoker… Read more →

31 Days of Horror: The White Death

I am currently sitting in front of my computer, scared witless. Every moment could be my last. My friend is here with me and he is the sole reason why my life is in danger. It may not make sense at first, but let me explain. It all started earlier today, when a friend of mine burst into my house… Read more →

Earth’s Goldilock’s Twin Found

Since powerful telescopes have orbited the earth scientists and researchers have been in search of what they call “goldilocks planets”. A goldilocks planet is a planet that is just the right temperate for liquid water to be present and in proper relation with a star.  The earth has been the only goldilocks planet that scientists have known about until recently.… Read more →

Orthodox Science Refuses to Accept 200 Million Year Old Man’s Shoe

These are the Soles that Try Men’s Times (200,000,000 Years+); The Sole of Man After Death; Fossilized Shoe Sole from Rock Supposedly Hundreds of Millions of Years Old   “Microphotographs taken by the Rockefeller Institute of the so-called Triassic shoe of Nevada have been interpreted by some experts as establishing that fossil, now in the possession of John T. Reid… Read more →

Lawsuit: CSUN Scientist Fired After Soft Tissue Found On Dinosaur Fossil-OOPs!

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Attorneys for a California State University, Northridge scientist who was terminated from Lawsuit: CSUN Scientist Fired After Soft Tissue Found On Dinosaur Fossil-OOPs! Lawsuit: CSUN Scientist Fired After Soft Tissue Found On Dinosaur Fossil-OOPs!   his job after discovering soft tissue on a triceratops fossil have filed a lawsuit against the university. Lawsuit: CSUN Scientist Fired… Read more →

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