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Short Sweet CHEAP Readings

Sometimes,  there are times in everyone’s life when a we have a question that we want to ask BUT don’t have the time for a full reading.  Questions like, “Will the interview go well?” or “Will we get the Mortgage?” are the type of things that qualify for Short Sweet Cheap Readings.  These readings are capped off at 10 minutes per question  and are also perfect for people who want to just have a quick look into things.  You can ask up to 2 questions for the Short Sweet Cheap Readings. SS&C Readings are also a great way for people to experience the amazing readers here.  If you had any question regarding getting a short, sweet and cheap reading, please feel free to contact me via the form at the bottom of the page…


1 Question Reading

2 Question Reading





For More Information, Contact Ecumenist@AskMyPsychics.com Or Submit Your Question Using the Form At The Bottom Of This Page

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