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Our Psychics

We have a selection of readers that we are constantly adding to and expanding.  There are two major categories of readers:

The Directs & The Indirects.

DIRECTS are readers that are those that do NOT use tools like Tarot cards, Runes, Shells, etc.  The Vast majority of Psychics, especially those  who are mediums & 9 times out of 10, they’re BORN that way, descending from families who have long lines of people who are genetically gifted. Most of the most well known readers are Direct readers. Cayce, John Edward, Teresa Caputo, Padre Pio & St Malachi.  They are most often called Mediums, Clairvoyants, Empaths, (also Clairsentients-they “FEEL” the info), Clairaudients( they “HEAR” the information), Prophets, Sybils & the classic “Psychics“.


INDIRECTS are readers that DO TOOLS TO AID THEM  during the reading.  The tools are often called “DIVINATORY AIDS“.  They include, but are NOT limited to cards, (tarot, angel, totem..even plain playing cards), runes, bones, shells, mirrors, bowls of water, books, palmistry, crystal balls, pendulums, candles, etc.  These readers utilise  these objects to allow them to focus and “home in” on the subjects their clients are asking about.  In addition to readers that people are familiar with, (tarot readers, etc), Shamans often use divinatory aids, ie, feathers, plants, stones, seeds, shells, bones, even the organs of animals.  This is a VERY ancient means of divining the future and one of the oldest means of reading in the world.   There are also WATER WITCHES, who are able to find water or even oil with the use of rods, wands or Pendulums.  The most famous Indirect Readers is NOSTRADAMUS

DIRECT readers and INDIRECT readers are both equally able to read for clients.  The only MAJOR difference between DIRECTS & INDIRECTS is when it comes to mediumship.  DIRECTS are able to connect MUCH better with People simply because mediumistic readings tend to use the body in one way or another, ie, Physical mediums, Mental mediums & Trance mediums.  Other than that, it’s a matter of personal choice.


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