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INDIRECT Psychic Readers

Alesia Rose, Indirect Reader EXTREMELY accurate Tarot card Reader & Rune Reader


Indirect Reader Alesia Rose

An Indirect Psychic Reader, Alesia Rose is a AMAZING Tarot Card & Rune Reader, who has amazed & dumbfounded people for over 25 years.  She is a an Aries & is very popular with customers who are lucky enough to have an appointment with this Indirect psychic Reader.  She is a Tarot Card Expert & can answer ANY question you might have.  She’s kind, sensitive & is easy to talk with.  She’s also a S-C-A-R-E-Y accurate Rune Reader AND if you’re extra lucky, she might break out her special handmade runes, which she rarely uses for anyone outside of family.  This indirect reader has the SWEETEST and loveable “little girl” voice & simply amazes all who come into contact with her. She’s a psychic artist, ( a rarity for an indirect reader), showing a touch of mediumship.  She’s Irish, German & Shoshone indian.  She went on a Vision Quest with her people, (Shoshone) a few years ago, which REALLY amped her as an indirect psychic reader. Strangely for an Indirect Psychic Reader, she’s Clairvoyant and damned good at it.  She also does dream Analysis & though she’s an indirect Psychic Reader, she’s clairconizant, (she has the gift of precognition).






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