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How To Awaken Your Intuition

We live at a time when the capacity to hear God’s voice speaking to our hearts and minds has become stronger.  As a result, even for those who have wandered far away from a spiritual path, the way back is more possible than ever before.  All that’s necessary is a wish to return and the allotment of time and attention paid to that tiny, quiet voice deep inside of we have so easily ignored before. It’s what we call “intuition” and it takes place in the silent presence of inspiration that comes from somewhere else that often requires asking for it and waiting for the response. Though some intuitive perceptions are primarily focused on our everyday, mundane life, for example, knowing someone well so that we just know how they’ll  react to something or what they might do, the kind of intuition that may be called “higher intuition” comes from a different place; It’s the soft voice of understanding that whispers to  the soul where Divine truth, light, and wisdom can be heard.  In fact,  there’s no real difference between these two levels and thankfully, we as humanity are finally starting to understand this.  Yet,  there are still so many who are unable  or unwilling to hear words that are whispered their souls.  Unfortunately, they don’t understand that the mind and heart have to be willing to trust in your own God given “intuition“.

Intuition does not need to be nor CAN it be taught.  It needs to be allowed to exist because it’s inside each and every one of us in a dormant state just waiting for us to allow it to blossom just like a flower turning to the sun. Funnily enough, it starts as a small willingness ‘to know’ more truth, light, and wisdom as it applies to our own lives and to those we love. We can begin by regularly praying  to have things removed that block our  understanding and diminish our perception of what our intuition is trying to tell us. The genuine desire to make contact with intuition begins to open the those doors , especially when strong desire is added to a willingness to receive and pay attention to what is heard and/or sensed. There are people who sense things but refuse to trust what their inner senses are screaming at  them. They ignore and reject what they feel or believe because it doesn’t fit into what they have convinced themselves to be “real”. However, making this choice begins to close the doors to higher perception because it gives more power to “fear” – whether, the fear of being wrong,  the fear of being different or the fear of needing to change one’s life based on what is heard and one will NEVER become tuned into true intuition  if one continues to run away from what is a natural part and NORMAL part of beIng human. So, in order to open the doors to stronger and trustworthy intuition, we need to be willing not just to hear our internal voice but more importantly, be willing to trust it.

Now, trust is not a simple thing because it involves a reevaluation of our lives. It may be that life has forced us to become more practical, more focused on the daily tasks of living and providing for others; and it may be that we have made mistakes in the past concerning who or what to trust, as well. It also may be that we’ve lost the capacity to feel more, to sense more or to be more open to life on all levels. Trust involves not only a willingness to receive something  but it also involves a willingness to believe in our own ability to flow with life, to change what needs to be changed whether internally or externally.  Lots of people are aware of this but they’re afraid to let themselves recognize this because of where it might take them. We need to be able let go of fear because, trust me, it will block any further attempt to become more  intuitive and greater perception.

Nowadays, when there are so many serious issues facing mankind, it is especially important that we reclaim our gift of intuition because making the wrong decisions can lead to disastrous consequences not just to human beings, not just every living thing but the planet . To do otherwise,  potentially places us in such a precarious position of not knowing what or who to believe – not knowing which direction to go in, in terms of making the world a better place and relieving the immense suffering of so many that currently exists. Without access to the deeper intuitive sense that we all have,  we live at the mercy of public opinion rather than in the presence of truth.

Because we ALL belong to the human family, it is essential for us to open our hearts, minds and souls to what we’re are supposed to be. Whether we are living in the proverbial, “Last Days” or not, one thing is for sure: the veils between dimensions are starting to thin.  We need to  allow our inner senses to awaken and to become the light-filled beings that we have always been meant to be. The time we are living in is begging us to listen;  for each of us, to open our hearts, to allow the intuition that is a part of our nature blossom, to all us to come together to begin to solve the problems and challenges that become more pressing everyday. We can begin with a prayer to open our hearts and souls to God, following it with a period of silence, wait to be given the answer.  We can then make ourselves ready to become vessels of truth and light, fully intuitive beings, as we were meant to be. The recognition of intuition’s gifts may not happen immediately but it will happen because as a citizen of planet Earth, all of life celebrates when we return to the path of recognising the Divine spark, “INTUITION“,  that God put into every living thing, ignites and teaches us to walk the path that  we were always meant to travel.

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