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How I Found out I was a Psychic Medium…

the reluctant psychic I Talk To Dead People…OH FOR JOY!! Or How I Found Out That I REALLY Was Haunted, (AND a PSYCHIC MEDIUM)


First off all, I want to thank you for visiting my blog because to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what I am going to talk about . Um, let’s see: I’m a happily married woman living in northern California….perfectly normal life, mundane day to day existence, etc. Except for one little, unusual thing: I am a reader. “AND?” you’re probably thinking. Although we seem to have an ever increasing explosion of proud “idjuts” in the country over the last 14 years, it’ not yet rare to be literate. After all, most people in the western hemisphere read to some extent, perhaps with the infamous exception of the former, less than academically inclined Dubya who once boasted that he didn’t read all that much, instead depending on the cabinet members to advise him of the latest headlines. (I’ve had a weekly headache ever since hearing him say that, BTW…Thank God for the literate Obama)

Well… I CAN read and spell too, had a whole lot of book larnin’ -(something my family is forever grateful for after years of private school tuition)- but I am an intuitive reader, a Sybil, a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, an Oracle, a, (oh great green heavens -dare I say it?) PSYCHIC & but more importantly,  a psychic medium to boot. Yes, dear reader, I am one of those folks who sees AND speaks to the dearly departed. I confess.

It would be more accurate to say that they speak to me. I’ve always been a bit different and I suppose that it’s to be expected of an Aquarian or so I’m told. I’ve always had precognitive dreams and the like. So, it wasn’t something that was really considered weird but about 15 years ago, I “woke up”…..COMPLETELY.

I began to see a young woman walking through the house and I wasn’t the only one that saw OR heard her. the most obvious thing about her is that she was dressed in the most God awful burnt orange corduroy trousers with what looked for all the world like a lumberjack’s brown and rust plaid shirt. Oh and did I mention the dark brown vest. Attractive. She seemed to enjoy calling all of us by name REALLY early in the morning, as in 4:30 -5:00 am. Yes, we had a verbose ghostie who, after a few months, decided that I would be the lucky schmuck she was going to have a conversation with. Turns out, she was my sister who’d passed 21 years earlier. Raine is her name. She came to me, ( or more accurately, I was taken to her), in a dream. She was dressed in a white pantsuit, YES you read it correctly, A BLOODY PANTSUIT ! Everyone else in that ethereal place were sporting caftan-like garments but not Raine. I have to say that she was quite chic. However, she didn’t have shoes on; was more concerned with being comfortable… but I digress…
in this dream, she gave me information for my mother, things that only she would know. It had been quite tragic event in her life s she had always wanted to have two daughters. She was touched and full of tears as I recounted what I was told. However, every thing I told her was going to be confirmed almost verbatim.

Later on that day, we went to the local beauty supply. We were walking around the shop trying to decide on what hair color she wanted, a woman walked up to us and began to talk. The strangest thing about this woman was that she freely identified herself as a Scottish gypsy. Considering her S-T-R-O-N-G and inescapable, unmistakably Scottish brogue, I was inclined to believe her.

She carried on a light conversation and suddenly, turned to my mother and said, “She’s standing right next to you, you know.” Why yes,of course I was standing next to Mom. A creeping sense of worry was starting to claw it’s way up my bad, cut-rate back. Suddenly and perchance, not surprisingly, I was then a bit more inclined to slowly and stealthily back away from her as I was beginning to get a bit worried that she was an escapee from the local Whispering Pines, Home for the Mentally Fragile. Just as I was about to yank Mom out of the store and drag her hair first away from this Scottish nut that I’d quickly decided wasn’t wrapped too tight. She then went on to say, “The other one. She’s standing on your left.”

I was standing on her right and I thought in quick succession two things: “What the Heezy? Who the bejesus was she talking about?” She then told my Mom what I’d told her ALMOST VERBATIM, down to the fact that her name started with an “R”.

Before she was finished, we were all snotting and sneezing, (crying for the uninitiated)…..Er, uh, so to speak. She then turned to me and said, “You have been touched, (at first I wasn’t sure that she meant that in the classical sense as in “touched by the hand of God” or ” tetched” meaning which is a plain way of saying that one’s mind is a bit, uh, tilted). Luckily, I won the sanity lottery that day and she told me what kind of reader I have since turned out to be. She told me that i would be have to careful that I didn’t frighten people by letting them know what I am. I would also have to be careful that I didn’t speak to the People, ( this is what I call the deceased) in public as I could find myself dragged away in my very own jacket with wrap around sleeves. You may wonder why I would voluntarily accept this “assignment”. Short answer to that question: There have been many times I’ve wondered about that. Frankly, I think I was suckered into it. I have been declared as “haunted” and among the other readers and astrologers in this area as “CREEPY” because I seems to be able to gather great detail and I have since found what Madame Scottish Gypsy told me to be, is oh so true. I have seen men blanch and turn plaid when I tell them things I know about them that they thought noone else knew, (actually, I get a evil thrill out of seeing this and it NEVER gets old..”lol”)

Finally, she-of-the-haggis-born told me that she saw me marrying tall, European man. What she said about that man, came true… 8 years later.

He turned out to be a tall man of European descent. Bohemian Czech from Deepinthaharta, Texas. The fact that he’s European probably stood out in her impression because I am not European descent, at least not completely. Let’s just say that I have a permanent caramel tan and no tan lines….EVER!

I have gone on to become a professional reader and VERY well regarded. I hope to enlighten you, dear reader and explain what I do and how I do what I do…I think. Please feel free to ask me anything in regards to intuition, What I know about the spirit world or whatever you feel you always wanted to know. Hell, I’m a great cook and will dispense recipes in a pinch. I am just a very normal, down to earth person and guess what? I am a Christian too. Not perfect but doing the best that I can. Am I God” Good grief no! We’d be in a world of hurt if I were God… as Imperfect as I am . I am NOT always right because if I were, Jesus would be out of a job. I am not here to promulgate anything or to try to convert anyone to believing me or anything else.

Outside of the intuition, I am just perfectly, normal everyday, albeit avant garde Aquarian type who is happily married and living in the Somewhere between the Sierras and the coastal range and I look forward to introducing myself and getting to know you. [Does anyone hear the soundtrack of “The Sound of Music”?] And oh yeah—-if you have questions about your life, love or otherwise, finances,( a VERY important question in a lot of other people’s lives—and understandably), or anything else at all, Visit me @ AskMyPsychics.com and let’s chat!!

Lotsa light and lots more laughs,
Ecumeniste & Associates @ASKMYPSYCHICS.com

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