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Ask My Psychics Code Of Ethics – Ask My Psychics

Ask My Psychics Code Of Ethics

1. Per our Psychics’s Code of Ethics, client’s trust is precious and I will always keep everything you tell us confidential.  even if you have a reading as the result of a gift, (we have gift certificates), from someone else.  we will NEVER divulge ANYTHING discussed, not even from one spouse to another, unless there is a (REQUIRED, NO EXCEPTIONS!), SIGNED & Certified permission, in other words, NEVER WITHOUT YOUR EXPRESS PERMISSION!

2. We will NEVER tell you but the honest unvarnished truth, per our Psychic’s Code of Ethics.  We will never sugarcoat anything but I promise you that everything will be delivered with compassion and sensitivity. We may not tell you what you WANT to hear, we make a solemn promised to tell you what you NEED to KNOW.

3.We will never tell you about something negative (like an issue in your energy body or from your past) unless we have the tools to heal it with you there and then, or can refer you immediately to someone who can.  We believe that pointing out an issue or something negative is pointless and can cause distress UNLESS it is followed by a resolution. We will ALWAYS give you a way to avoid it, mitigate it or come out on the other side with grace,per our Psychic’s Code of Ethics.

Have you ever been told about something negative in your energy field and then the practitioner has blithely said they can’t help you with it?  I’ve been in that position and it’s actually quite scary. It’s like an architect saying ‘I think your house is going to fall down some time soon, but I can’t help you to stop it from happening.’ I was once told by a psychic that in a parallel lifetime, I was generating some very negative karma for myself through some irresponsible acts, but there was nothing we could do – I’d just have to resolve it in time. It was supposed to be a healing session, but it only created distress. I felt guilty and sad about it for three days. Then I decided to believe it might not be true for me. Now I only let very trusted healers take a look at my aura. For the same reason, I no longer talk in terms of negative attaching entities that run programs on people.

3. Though there are ‘negative souls’/dark souls/’black magicians’ or whatever you want to call them, they cannot affect you unless you consciously allow them in.  We will not tell you that you or anyone else is a negative or dark soul because I think it is a ridiculous and harmful idea to tell someone they are not connected to the Creator or God or whatever you want to call it.  We’ve never had someone with truly malicious intent book a reading with us – ever. We know you have a connection to God, though YOU may not yet know it .

  I am not naive enough to think that there are no negative people in the world.  But I sincerely doubt that any of them get a psychic reading wanting information on how they can express their soul gifts more fully or improve their relationships.  I find it unacceptable to tell a client that they are disconnected from source/God and are draining those around them as a result, because I’ve seen the upset it causes.

4. I do not offer to clear curses in return for money.  Curses are pretty rare, but in the extremely unlikely event that you have one if you want to, you can clear curses yourself, per our Psychic’s Code of Ethics.


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