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DIRECT Psychic Readers

Welcome to our DIRECT Psychic Readers Listing:

Ecumenist The Reader, Direct Reader-Psychic Medium

Ecumenist Direct Reader-Psychic Medium, Chief Executive Psychic & Owner

Ecumenist The Reader, CEP, (Chief Executive Psychic)

Ecumenist Is a Genetic Psychic Medium, The latest in a long line of psychics. She is also the Chief Executive Psychic and Owner of Ask My Psychics. She has been reading professionally for 21 years & has read for some very famous people, in the world of entertainment & Government.  She’s clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, Claircognizant, (can remember ANYONE’S future AND past),  A spirit medium, Medical Intuitive, Animal Psychic & a GENUINE remote viewer.  She performs ANY of our readings EXCEPT tarot card readings or Runes Readings, because she is a DIRECT READER and uses NO divination aids.  She was born with the gifts that she has & is an Aquarian/Libra Rising. Typical Aquarian, she can talk your to sleep & reads in an easy conversational way, as a world class Direct reader would.  She has always been able to see, hear & speak to the dearly departed, (which she refers to as “THE PEOPLE, because she just considers them to be people who no longer have a body).  As a Direct Reader, she reads very similarly to Teresa Caputo, James Van Praagh, John Edward & Kim Russo.  If you’ve lost someone,  Ecumenist is the direct reader psychic Medium you want to schedule an appointment with. According to her clients, she’s EERILY accurate, almost frighteningly so. You can read her reviews, ( which have NOT been cherry-picked) here:


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