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Dead People Talk To Me….Oh For Joy!! Turns out that I am a Medium, much to my chagrin…

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This is the beginning of my life as a professional spiritual medium….a visit from my sister, (deceased since June 18th, 1972) and a chance meeting with a SCOTTISH gypsy in a BEAUTY SUPPLY…Who knew? I was born into a psychic family, in fact I was born 45 years TO THE DAY OF THE WEEK after my mom’s Mother. I have always had ghostly happenings around me, to the extent that my family named the “ghost” of my early childhood “Malcolm”.When I was VERY young, ( about 2-3 years old), I had a life sized doll. This doll was placed on my bed during the day to decorate the bedroom. However, this doll evidently had the ability to walk at night because my mother got up during the night to check on me and found this plastic doll which had no place for batteries or a power cord, (this was 1966-67) standing in the hallway! Let’s just say that she got rid of it when she found it once again in the hallway but this time, looking at her as it’s head was turned in her direction.I will be recounting these things and much, much more in my life as a Reluctant Psychic Medium and proud, albeit surprised owner of AskMyPsychics.com!
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