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1) Q: “What’s the difference between the free AskMyPsychics membership and the Psychic Care membership subscription?”


A:“Both of the memberships are open and available to anyone.  The differences are that the Psychic Care Membership is a Subscription Membership.  Everyone who registers WILL get Psychic Dharma credits-3-5 minutes credit depending on the length of the reading bought AND benefits that are open to each member, including promotions, discounts and sales NOT available to nonmembers of the site.  The Psychic Care subscription members pay 25% less FOR ALL SERVICES, “secret sales & promotions”, NOT open to members with the regular free membership, STEEP discount and sometimes, free access to some special events, (Psychic CyberFaires, all includes free access to podcasts  and much more, not to mention that EACH and EVERY referral of a NEW PAYING CLIENT equals 5 minutes Psychic Dharma Credits.  The member can upgrade or downsize at anytime*. ”


2 Q:  “May I tape record my sessions?”


A:”ABSOLUTELY!  Any reading you purchase can be recorded in anyway you choose.  Just remember to make sure that your recorder, digital or analog, is set up, (FRESH BATTERIES, ETC) BEFORE the reading starts so that you can utilise all the time, instead of loosing 10-15 minute to changing batteries, calibrating it, ect.  In the near future, Ask My Psychics will be offering recordings of your readings for a small surcharge. The recording will be delivered to your email address. “


3) Q: “How do I make a can I buy a reading?”


A:“At the moment, all transactions for readings will be processed by Paypal.  “


4) Q: “How can you do readings for people who are not in the room with you. Don’t you have to see them or hear their voice?”


A: “I not only can do readings for people I have never seen face to face, I PREFER it to seeing people in person, strangely enough.  For me, face to face readings tends to send through TOO much information at once.  It’s similar to taking a sip from a firehose. I don’t need to see you, NOR hear your voice.  I also prefer to do chat reading WITHOUT photos.  The People show me what the person the client is trying to contact looks like.  “


5) Q: “If you ask me for my birth date, aren’t you doing astrology?”


A: “Not at all.  I use your birth info to get a good grip on you, so to speak.  The best way
to describe it is to say it like this” when I read for you, I am, in a sense , pulling your
akashic file.  It similar to when you look for something on your hard drive, you input the
name of the file into the search for the file. Trust me, though I have a glancing knowledge
with Astrology, I am NOT an astrologer. “


6) Q: “Are gift certificates available?  If so, what do they cost?”


A: “Indeed there are and they make a great gift for any occasion.  Once purchased they are usually made valid for 8 consecutive months. You can purchase them online by going to the Gift Certificates on the drop down menu under “Reading Menu”.  The cost depends on the type and length of the reading you purchase.”


7) Q: “Can I create an account with a friend or family member or can I have multiple accounts or registered email accounts?”


A: “No, to both questions.  Every member needs to have their own INDIVIDUAL account & email address, for tracking and crediting reasons.  ANYONE co-mingling accounts OR registering multiple account will have those accounts IMMEDIATELY deleted and their membership, (BASED ON IP) banned permanently. “


8)  Q: “Can I use this service if I live outside of the United States?”


A: “ABSOLUTELY you can.  if you can access the net, you can use this website and get a reading.”


9)  Q: “Is it possible to contact my loved ones even if they didn’t speak English?”


A: “ABSOLUTELY…When I go into medium mindset, I get a combination of words, pictures, feelings,
symbols, smells, sounds and somehow, I am able to put them together where they make sense.
So, generally, the language that the spirit spoke while living isn’t an issue.I’ve read
for Russians, Nigerians, French, Czech, Germans, Hopi, Japanese, Chinese & countless others.
Each reading is infused with the persons culture , experience their language and life experience
they went through in their country of birth  AND the place they settled in.
In fact, I have, at times, been given verbatim words and/or phrases in their native language
Usually, the People using the combination of things that I speak about earlier, almost”painting”
the message they want me to give to the client & though there are MANY times when what they
are “saying” are a clear as mud to me, for the loved one, it’s a clear as a summer day because
in the end, the message is for them, NOT me. “


10)  Q: “Is it possible for anyone become a medium? Can I be taught to be a medium?”


A: “The short sweet answer is “NO”! “Mediums are born — not made.” I really want to add that I firmly believe that everyone is born with a degree of psychic ability, Just as each and every one of us is born with the potential to walk, only a few of us go on to become Olympic champions.  EVERYONE is born with the some psychic ability and has the capability to improve and develop our awareness (psychically, intuitively, or on a deeper level of mediumship). We all have the ability to connect with our loved ones who have passed on through the power of thought and our dreams. Anyone who has seen me demonstrate will also know that another one of my favorite sayings, which has become part of my own brand, is: “They’re only a whisper away…”

People like me can assist them in contacting us by learning to increase and raise our energy — by doing so; we’ll help in the communication by meeting them halfway. So, to answer the question, no, I don’t believe that anyone can become a medium but  if you have the gift of mediumship, it’s likely to present itself in its own way and in its own time. My last piece of advice with respect to this question is on a somber note. Mediumship is NOTHING to play with. . It’s such a serious subject and one that requires both delicacy and tact. It’s not something that can be picked up and put down on a whim…(Oh, trust me on this) If you realise thatyou do have been blessed with the Gift and want to eventually practice as a working medium, it will take dedication, patience, and time, as it can be a physically demanding job. Mediumship has to develop and grow; you’ll find that most mediums spend their entire lives developing their abilities. The most important point is this: you must also be ready to dedicate yourself to helping others.

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