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The Real Vampire….

Vampire. The word conjures up images of suave, handsome, or strikingly beautiful creatures, such as is depicted in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. Those of you who are fans of her books are quite familiar with the arrogant and sexy Lestat.

One of the most famous vampires of all time is, of course, Count Dracula. The brain child of Bram Stoker who based his immortal monster on the blood thirsty ruler know as Vlad Tepes, also know as Vlad Dracul-a, which when translated means “son of the dragon”, a nicknamed that was well earned, for the count was a blood thirsty and ruthless ruler.

He was also known as Vlad the Impaler due to his habit of impaling people on very sharp stakes and letting them suffer until they died a horrible and extremely painful death. The legends of vampires were around long before Stoker wrote his book.

From very early times there have been reports and tales of vampires, or vampyr, which means, when roughly translated, “blood drinker”. In nature there are all kinds of vampires. Mosquitoes, tick, fleas, bedbugs, and a species of bat that drinks blood, named most aptly the vampire bat.

But, what about the vampires of legend? Do they exist? There are some well documented accounts that indicate they do.

There was the case of Arnold Paole. It was reported that Arnold was bitten by a vampire while he was serving as a soldier in his country’s army. When he returned home from service he became a farmer. One day while cutting hay Paole had an accident which killed him. A few days later, people started dying from loss of blood. The people started saying there was a vampire in their midst.

There were several eye-witness reports that said they had seen Arnold walking around after his death. His eyes were glassy and his teeth had grown long and sharp. The locals went to dig up Paole’s body, and when the had unearthed the corpse, there was no decay and there was fresh blood on the lips and a bloom of color in the cheeks. Arnold looked as fresh as the day he had died. The locals pounded a stake through the vampire’s heart and heard the vampire screech in agony. Then they cut off the head and burned the body. The deaths stopped.

Vampires and Quranic Revelation

In our Quranic Revelation, we must believe in the world of djinn. They exist like we do. They do eat, drink, sleep, play, work, sing, pray, kill, bear children, believe in God or gods, reject God, lie, get sick, die, quarrel, hate, love and so on. Their homes are on different planes of existence in the same world as we now live in.

There are numerous genies who may be now living amongst us as human beings in their favourite lands particularly around Middle-East and some old Western European countries and in the United States as well. These groups of genies are not usually trouble makers and appear to be peaceful ones. Some people might have mistaken them as vampires or werewolves with speed movements and powerful strengths.

The evil ones like to imitate them to frighten people but God would stop them from spreading fear towards mankind. There are many good and bad ones.

They do have great grandparents, grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on. It is not a surprise Djinn might have taken the shapes of vampires or whatever. The speed of their movements cannot be taken by even the most sophisticated cameras ever invented.

As we are created from mud, they are created from the smokeless fire as mentioned in Chapter 55 Verse 15 of our Quranic Revelation. According to Muhammad (SAW), the populations of Djinn are much more than the whole populations of human beings combined altogether from the time Adam and Eve ever existed until we all are born today.

Do you realize that the people of the sky do exist as well? Some called them aliens from outer space. MuslimsĀ  believe in the existence of “people in other universes’ because God is still creating countless of things every second of our lives (if there is an existence of time to be compared with).

Vampires and Quranic Revelation sent in by Muhammad

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